Fear, Actually.

Whether you agree with the Labour party’s choice of leader or not there can be no doubt that Jeremy Corbyn has catapulted the issue of authenticity right to the forefront of our attention.

We could spend hours discussing the rights and wrongs of his leadership, but if we take a moment to separate out the politics and ask ‘What are the characteristics of Authenticity?’ we cannot fail to put bravery at the top of the list.

Let’s face it we all want to be more of who we are, none of us want to speak a string of empty phrases that say as little as possible. None of us want to tow the line when we believe the party line is not the right thing to do, and none of us want to hide what we really believe for fear of upsetting others. Right?

So what invisible force keeps us trapped in words and actions that are not authentic? Well, its fear actually.

Whatever challenges you may be facing, whether it’s saying what you really think, stepping up to a new challenge, taking a risky decision, making the ‘ridiculous’ suggestion, the reason you are not doing it is fear.

We all share common fears, they are hot wired into our neurology. We fear not being liked or loved, not feeling safe or secure, and we fear not feeling valued or mattering. The grip of these fears results in us losing touch with our innate courage. Being in touch with our innate courage is essential to be truly authentic, when we are separate from it we become stuck, life feels like a struggle and decisions become difficult to make.

Loosening the grip of fear and reconnecting with our innate courage happens when we become self-aware. Self-awareness helps you understand the benefit of your fear, (Yes, I did say the benefit of your fear) bringing greater awareness to fear will give you the capacity to witness it without condemnation and will result in a greater freedom.

So when you have a quiet moment think of a current challenge and ask yourself these questions:

  • What fear stopping from moving forward?
  • How is this fear helping me in some way?

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