Powerful Communications

This module is about developing confidence in communication. It is an invitation to be seen and heard, to speak as well as be listened to, to come out of hiding. The module will cover a trio of communication topics and whilst this may be the most challenging module for many, the pay offs are high!

  • Send clear and convincing messages
  • Work comfortably in a group
  • Seek to understand before being understood
  • Establish meaningful relationships
  • Develop Rapport quickly and elegantly
  • Listen well
  • Give-and-take, registering emotional cues in attuning their message
  • Create a coaching environment in which others feel safe and heard
  • Be deeply curious about what is going on for other people
  • Acknowledge and reward people’s strengths, accomplishments, and development
  • Offer useful feedback and identify people’s needs for development
  • Mentor, give timely coaching, and offer assignments that challenge and grow a person’s skills
  • Learn how to improve their performance
  • Make coaching conversations part of their everyday world
  • Ask penetrating questions when appropriate
  • Give full attention
  • Wield effective tactics for persuasion and are skilled at persuasion
  • Fine-tune presentations to appeal to the listener
  • Use complex strategies like indirect influence to build consensus and support
  • Orchestrate dramatic events to effectively make a point

Day One: Communication Acumen

Tony Robbins is famous for saying that the quality of your life is the quality of your communication! This seems like a bold claim until you realise that he is talking about two types of communication. Communication with yourself and communication with others. Today is about exploring both of these forms of communication.

External communication, that is communication with others, is one of the most necessary processes in business life. Communication is an important process that connects people’s activities to each other and enables them to work comfortably in a group. Communication skills involve concepts such as establishing meaningful relationships with your peers, developing the ability to express and transfer your ideas to others clearly and being a good listener. Good communication means taking an active interest in the concerns of your peers and it is our aim that your moto will become ‘seek to understand before being understood.’ In addition to learning how to develop rapport with elegance and grace, you will learn how to be attentive to emotional cues and listen well.

Internal communication, that is communication with yourself, is about becoming aware of your feelings during every communication and noticing the impact your feelings have on the outcome you achieve in any communication. With that in mind this day will focus as much on developing your ability to sense your own feelings and perspective during your everyday communication and noticing the results you get!

This day is available to book as a one-day programme as well as part of the Powerful Communications module.

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Day Two: Coaching Wisdom

You cannot hold yourself at a personal distance and still build the environment that will allow you to be an effective coach. Developing a coaching relationship means reaching out and establishing contact with people at a personal level. It means getting to know people and what is important to them.

This day will focus on what it takes to create a coaching environment, what you have to do and believe in your heart. It will give you coaching frameworks that tell people you care about what they do and that they can count on frequently hearing from you regarding what you appreciate about their performance, as well as how they can improve.

It will also make suggestions about how coaching can be something that becomes a routine part of your relationships with people, rather than an occasional conversation when someone makes a glaring error or makes an outstanding contribution that demands recognition.

This day is available to book as a one-day programme as well as part of the Powerful Communications module.

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Day Three: Presenting Naturally

In every moment you are presenting yourself to the world.  The way you present yourself will, without fail, influence people in some way.  Those who bring more of themselves are more often than not great presenters of information, visions, new ideas, new ways of working etc.  Learning to present well will enhance your ability to work effectively with people.  Often people avoid presenting, like the plague, as they have had bad experiences in the past or just hate public speaking.  So even if you never present in your job, today is an invitation to imagine what might be possible if you could present yourself confidently in any situation.  What opportunities might arise?  Who might you be? During the day you will explore how to use your breathing to quell nerves, how to use metaphor to captivate, and how to finally jettison any limiting beliefs you have about your ability to stand up and be heard!

This day is available to book as a one-day programme as well as part of the Powerful Communications module.

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