One to One Coaching

‘The Michelangelo Process’ is a revolutionary coaching programme that releases the full potential of those who engage in the process. It has been designed primarily for senior managers and leaders who sense they are not operating at 100%, or who wish to make the task of leadership a more fulfilling experience.

The process includes the latest thinking in leadership and applied psychology and therefore has a ‘teaching’ element to it. The primary focus is on leadership from the inside out and the main philosophy behind it is that you cannot lead until you understand yourself first.

The process is delivered in two ways


  • 6-8 half day one to one coaching sessions, at times and locations to suit you


  • Small group (up to six people) ‘intensives’ or retreats. A total of six days in two day blocks over a period of 6 months. For dates see our website.

Whilst it has been designed with leaders in mind this one to one process has been extremely successful with coaches, teachers, and parents… in fact anyone with responsibility for positively influencing others.

Outcomes for Your Organisation

Your organisation will have managers and leaders who:

  • Have greater self-awareness & the ability to reflect on their own performance
  • Encourage increased participation & performance from teams & individuals
  • Have a better understanding & a greater willingness to embrace change
  • Promote a culture of innovation & improvement
  • Develop deeper connections & partnerships with clients & customers
  • Have a true appreciation of the benefits of work life effectiveness to sustain top performance
  • Are able to draw out other people’s values & passions
  • Continually seek out new opportunities & realise ways to continually improve the business
  • Enable & empower others – build confidence & motivation in those around them

Outcomes for Individuals

As individuals you will get to:

  • Create a plan for personal and business success
  • Develop a sense of inner certainty & purpose
  • Achieve greater clarity of your own values & motivations
  • Gain increased sense of personal choice & freedom
  • Attain a greater level of self-awareness & understanding of the effect of your actions & behaviours on yourself & others
  • Adopt a range of attitudes & skills sets for success in today’s changing work environment
  • Learn to manage your state when the ‘going gets tough’
  • Re-ignite a passion for work

Get this programme:

This programme runs on a demand basis, or as a series of one to one coaching sessions. For information on bookings please contact us

Length of Programme:

If delivered one to one: 6 to 8 half days sessions
6 days if delivered as a small group intensive.

What attendees say:

The Investment:

£2495 + vat