The Trust Effect Taster Day

A Taster Event

learning (23)A message from Tim Vaughan, Lead Trainer at Learning to Inspire:

“Helping to develop high functioning teams is my passion. Why? Because it is my belief that functional teams make higher quality decisions and accomplish more in less time in an atmosphere that is free from frustration.  Furthermore, they avoid wasting time talking about the wrong issues and revisiting the same topics over and over again because of the lack of buy-in.

This taster day will offer you:

  • A series of activities to enhance the function of your team
  • A tool to help you diagnose what gets in the way of trust and how to build trust in the team
  • Insight into how to get absolute commitment from your people
  • Understanding and practical tools to get happier, more productive team members, who will hold each other to account in order to achieve the team goals

I hope that this workshop will change the way you look at teamwork and give you the insights necessary to contribute to becoming a more cohesive, functioning team.”


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1 Day

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