I have been on many training programmes before, what’s so different about this?

This is not training! We have never trained anyone to do anything, except maybe our company dog to ‘sit’ and ‘fetch.’ This is different to other programmes because it starts and ends with you, the person the human being. Most training starts with what you do. The human doing. It concentrates on how you behave and develops strategies to behave differently. This starts with who you are. The human being. This programme concentrates on who you are, what you stand for, what you care about, it begins with self-awareness and then translates that awareness to how you will be. This approach means that what you are learning is coming from the inside and is YOURS. It is not an approach that is being smeared on in the hope that it will stick. What you discover on our programmes is the real you and therefore the resulting changes in behavior are sustainable and authentic!

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