New Years Revolutions.

We are now into the first full week of 2015 and for the majority of us that means back to work.

Back to work also means the first time our well intentioned New Years Resolutions are properly tested. Will we keep eating healthy away from the almost reality free bubble of the festive period? How exactly will you get that promotion at work or find happiness? It’s now that maintaining those well intended  resolutions gets difficult – in fact 88% fail.

So how do you make a New Year’s Resolution that works?

The first step is self-awareness, knowing your own thoughts, ideas and feelings and understanding how they affect your actions. By developing self-awareness you will begin to see and understand your own inner motivations, what drives you and what you value. The more you know about your values, the more able you are to create a resolution that sticks.

A few years ago I made the effort to be more productive. My resolution was to get up and begin working much earlier – the early bird catches the worm etc. – which I did, for a week. I quickly realised that my productivity nosedived, despite getting up much earlier. I was confused but now I’m slightly more self-aware I know that I am simply not a morning person, so that resolution would never work. Now I simply structure my work day around doing the menial tasks that require little thought in the morning and more creative interesting things in the afternoon and am much more productive as a result.

A really simple way to get started is to understand what you value. Take your resolution and ask yourself ‘what does that get me?’. Then, when you answer ask the question again – ‘what does that get me?’. Keep doing this until you can’t answer anymore and your well on the way to discovering what you really want and value.

For example, a resolution might be to go to the gym more. Going to the gym is a way of exercising. Exercise leads to improved health. Improved health could mean you feel more attractive. Feeling more attractive could mean you feel more confident. Being more confident could mean you are able to get a promotion at work or move to a new job. Having a promotion or a new job could get you ‘X’ …… and so on ?

By being slightly more self-aware you can get a much closer idea of what you really want to get from your New Year’s Resolution and perhaps find a more useful method of achieving it!

Interested in exploring your own inner drives and motivation in a bit more detail we run a one day Self Awareness Workshop:

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