Waiting in Costa

A long time ago I remember hearing Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, saying to his audience that he hoped we had all given up waiting as a way of being. Like many things Eckhart said I didn’t completely understand what he was saying but I knew it was hinting at a truth. As I am sitting here waiting in Costa I remember his words and wonder.

It seems that we spend a great deal of time waiting for something or other, waiting for something to happen or for something to be different than it is now.

We wait to lose weight before we are confident, move house before we are happy, change job before we are fulfilled, for someone to change before we commit. We wait for the conditions to be right before we tackle that difficult conversation, and wait until we have more time before we do the things that are life affirming, like visiting friends, baking a cake, or walking on the beach.

Whilst I was waiting in Costa I decided to do a quick audit of what I was waiting for. I did not like the list I came up with! So what is the act of waiting about and why do we indulge in it? It seems to me that waiting is a superbly crafted barrier against being more of who we are and is a very effective way of not doing something that would make us happy right now.

When we study what differentiates good leaders from great leaders we find that great leaders don’t wait a second longer than they need to. They act. It seems that they have given up waiting as a way of being.

The first step in giving up waiting is to become aware that you are doing it! So when you have a moment, perhaps whilst you are waiting for someone to arrive, ask yourself ‘What am I a waiting for to be different before I will be happy?’ Once you have your list why not ‘try on’ the possibilities that giving up waiting might bring? Imagine what else this kind of awareness could bring you?

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