Why Invest in Developing a Self Aware Culture?

Self-awareness is defined as ‘conscious knowledge of oneself.’ To be conscious of who you are, how you think, and what you do, leads to self-knowledge, and in turn, confidence, strength and authenticity.

But why should you invest in developing your people to become more self-aware? What difference might it have on your culture, and ultimately on your bottom line?

To answer that question consider the statements below and tick which apply to your organisation

Do the people in your organisation…

A; Blame others for their weaknesses.
B; Know their own their strengths and confront their weaknesses.

A; Know the effect they have on others.
B; Upset those around them with a lack of understanding of the impact of their actions.

A; Blunder about with little sense of direction.
B; Have a clear vision for themselves and know the part they play in the organisation.

A; Avoiding making tough choices and having the difficult conversations.
B; Courageously tackle the tough choices they need to make.

A; React to anything that puts doubt in their mind.
B; Understand the source of their reactions and take steps to manage themselves.

A; Hide behind a ‘mask’ of what they believe they should be.
B; Remain credible because they are being themselves.

A; Protect their position because they fear losing power or influence.
B; Cultivate authentic relationships based on trust and respect.

A; Resist change.
B; Remain open to new ideas, inquiry, and constructive criticism.

A; Pass the buck.
B; Own and embrace responsibility.

If you have ticked 5 or more ‘A’s you could possibly benefit from some self-awareness development in your organisation. The end point of self-awareness is about empowering others to step up and contribute authentically to the work they do because they are able to be more of who they are.

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