Mindfully Yours

I think we can all agree that you must have to have been living in a cave in 2015 not to have heard about Mindfulness. Some of the best and most well known authors in human development are writing about the subject, helping us to develop mindful schools and organisations, and teaching us techniques on how to become a more mindful leader and teacher, parent and friend.

At Learning to Inspire we are thrilled about the subject’s emergence into the mainstream conversation, because we have incorporated mindfulness into our leadership development for the last sixteen years. We know that mindfulness makes us more profoundly happy and healthy.

However, much of the literature out there tends to focus on the techniques such as watching your thoughts or focussing on your breath, and whilst these are vital strategies they are difficult to maintain when the going gets really tough. We believe that mastery of mindfulness is a hero’s journey because it requires us to find out some things about ourselves first. Those of you who have tried mindfulness have no doubt found it easier to achieve at some times than at others. You have probably found it is more difficult to remain mindful when you are in the midst of turmoil or you are having your hot buttons pressed by other people’s actions and attitudes!

In short, to achieve mastery in mindfulness it requires us to be self aware, and by adopting a mindfulness practice we will be significantly more successful if we first develop an understanding of our emotional reactions, choices and behaviours.

We have incorporated the key elements of self awareness to develop mastery in mindfulness into a five step process called the Quest for Authenticity and you can experience this process first hand by joining us for one of our events:

A one day event The Quest for Authenticity in Cardiff on the 12th April 2016

A six day programme Inspiring Authentic Leadership – a programme for HR Professionals, Managers & Coaches – Starts in Cardiff on the 18th May 2016

For more information, please get in touch:  0845 050 7676 | info@learningtoinspire.co.uk


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