Take a Fresh Look at Workforce Development

Learning at Work Week takes place from 16th – 22nd May 2016, but at LTI we believe you can have a learning at work week at any time. Dedicating a week to learning is a great opportunity to make learning and development more visible in your organisation and to act as a catalyst to introducing and launching any learning activities that support your employee and business goals.

This workshop is ideal if you are intrigued by the idea of running a learning at work week for the first time, or want to pick up new ideas and refresh your strategies for engaging employees in all types of learning. It’s also a great opportunity to meet, share and discuss ideas with delegates from other companies.

But more importantly on the day you will get the chance to explore your specific workplace issues and have the opportunity and creative space to take a fresh look at your workforce development plans.

What we’ll do on the day:

Starting with an issue or challenge faced by your workplace, we’ll take you through your own hero’s journey where we will explore:

•  What your organisation is being called to become on its next stage in its evolution.
•  The current challenges that face your organisation.
•  The resources that are available that might assist in bringing about your plans.
•  The plans you currently have and how learning at work week could be a catalyst to bring about the change you want to see.

You will have the opportunity to share and discuss your ideas with delegates from a range of companies.

Who will benefit from attending?

HR, Learning and Development professionals, or anyone with a remit for supporting or co-ordinating a Learning at Work Week campaign in their workplace.

Manchester 19th April 2016 –  Cost £100 including lunch!

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