Do you do what you say on the tin?

Let’s get straight to the point.  If you are a senior manager or owner of a small business there is one thing that people want from you more than anything else.

In fact, if this one thing is absent, even if the leader demonstrates strong leadership characteristics, he or she will struggle to maintain their ‘followership’.

Research shows, and we have found through our work, that the one thing people want is honesty and integrity.  More specifically it is authenticity. Or put it yet another way, you need to do what you say on the tin.

If there are mismatches between words and actions, between message and method, then those following will lose faith and trust.  If you lost faith and trust in a leader will you still follow them?  We think not.

So, if you are a leader or owner of a small business, I would like you to consider one question…’what is written on your tin’?  Just before you answer, you are not allowed to reply with your own name!

This question is designed to get you thinking about what you stand for as a leader.  After all, if people want someone who does what they say on the tin, you had best work out what the tin says. This is not as easy as it sounds, and most training does not help you do it. Most leadership training gives lots of theory but does not help the leader find his or her own voice, or help develop the internal resources needed for when the going gets tough.

Our training is different. Intensely personal and profoundly effective, our training has a focused mission, to give senior/owner managers the self awareness and strategies to lead people in these times of uncertainty and change.

If you would like to find out what you stand for as a leader…

Join us on our taster event: The Quest for Authenticity – Cardiff –April 12th 2016

Our 6 day coaching course:Inspiring Authentic Leadership – starts in Cardiff on May 18th – find out more

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