Organisational Leadership

transformational leadership: module three

At the heart of this module is how to lead people through the challenges that organisational change brings about.  Change can have a deep psychological impact on people and it important that leaders have an awareness of, and an ability to deal with, the subsequent behaviours.

To lead well we must understand the culture within which we are operating.  A culture can be defined by the way people think, which are hugely influenced by the prevailing norms and attitudes. Here you will be given the opportunity to identify the dominant thinking patterns within your organisation and how they impact behaviours.  This will help you as a leader to develop the appropriate way to lead in your organisation.

Through this module we will explore the very latest thinking around Integral Leadership which offers us a greater insight into the range of motivations, behaviours and systems that need to be considered when planning any form of change or reorganisation.

By the end of this module you will learn;

  • How to lead and navigate through change
  • How to effectively present change to people
  • To recognise and manage your own and others’ behavioural patterns in times of change
  • Where the organisation ‘fits’ in the evolutionary spiral of thinking
  • How to recognise when change is coming and manage the impact of change
  • How to put continuous improvement at the top of the agenda!

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