Self Leadership

transformational leadership: module one

You cannot be a positive force in your organisation unless you have first undergone a process of self-awareness, and have discovered who you are and what you believe in. Put simply, only when you have trodden the path of self-awareness yourself can you create and be part of a culture that enables people to act, behave and think differently, and ultimately to contribute their best self.

Self-awareness leads to people with high levels of integrity and congruence, they know what they stand for, have personal credibility and walk the walk. They are confident, clearly communicate and trust and enable others. They will naturally influence others through their personal experience and understanding of what motivates people and collectively they will cultivate a culture of individual worth.

An organisation that values self-awareness gains credibility and respect. It is open to change when necessary, and rewards flexibility, inquisitiveness, and innovation – in short it enables people to contribute their best self!

Those with high levels of self-awareness tend to;

  • Be authentic
  • Be confident
  • Be trustworthy
  • Be credible
  • Be innovative
  • Be inspiring
  • Be motivating
  • Be more and bring more of who they are!

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