Authentic Leadership

A programme for Senior Managers, HR Professionals, and Coaches

At Learning to Inspire we believe we are in a new era in employment history, an era that demands we create cultures in which our people thrive, innovate and create, and that organisations should invite our people to be more of who they are and bring that more into their work. To create cultures that invite people to be more we need those who are skilled in releasing the potential of the people they lead, so that EACH and EVERY ONE of them give and contribute more of who they are.

People’s ability to ‘be more’ depends to a very great extent on having high levels of self-awareness. Talked about loosely for decades under a variety of names, from “character” and “personality” to “soft skills” and “competence,” we believe self-awareness should be at the heart of all development activities if we are interested in developing a culture where people bring their whole self to work.

Inspiring others to be more and bring more is not a simple matter. To do this work means tapping into an individual’s highest motivation and potential… It is no longer enough to tread the path of self-awareness yourself, now we must be skilled at enabling those around us to become more self-aware.

If you are an HR manager, Senior Manager or owner manager then you need to consider whether your organisation fosters self-awareness or discourages it. To the degree your organisational climate nourishes self-awareness, your organisation will be more effective and productive. You will maximize your group’s intelligence, the synergistic interaction of every person’s best talents.

Who is it for?

This programme is likely to appeal to three synergistic audiences.

  • Senior managers, owner managers or aspiring middle managers who have a personal desire to get to the top of their game by becoming a more authentic leader.


  • HR professionals, workplace coaches, Senior managers, owner managers or aspiring middle managers who are in the business of inspiring an authentic culture.


  • Independent consultants, IIP Advisors, and Executive coaches, who provide ‘people’ services into organisations.

Whoever you are you will have a common desire to create a culture where you and your people thrive, innovate and create.

But be warned this programme is not a programme for dilettantes but for front line practitioners and  is designed to help those who attend to learn, change and grow. It combines the two disciplines of coaching and leadership and is routed firmly in developing high levels of self awareness. Those who do this work will understand that what they are doing is creating a path of sequential growth, from the inside out, and they will know this because they will be treading the path themselves.

Programme Structure:


Module One: Authenticity and Purpose (2 Days)

This module explores what it takes to become an authentic leader. During the two days we will explore the meaning of authenticity at the deepest level and become clear about not only what it is but also how to achieve it. Using tools from NLP and other psychologies you will become more confident about who you are when you are at your most authentic. During the two days you get in touch with what you care about and value, you will discover what  inspires you at the deepest level. At the heart of this module is unearthing what gives you power and competence.

In addition this module will equip you with the ability to inspire and share a clear vision and sense of purpose. Clarity is something we would all like more of and with good reason. With real clarity of purpose we can move forward in our life with confidence and certainty, without it we are floundering on the rocks of reactivity and uncertainty. During the two days you will learn how to find your ‘why’ and be fully enabled to help others find theirs!

Module Two: Motivation and Engagement (2 Days)

This module is about how to enable others to act. During these two days you will learn the tools and techniques that enable us to understand what drives human behaviour and motivation. You will explore the forces that really drive human behaviour and through direct experience learn to tap into your deepest motivations and understand your deepest fears.

During this module you will learn how to form better relationships in the workplace, relationships that are founded on understanding, trust and confidence. Using needs psychology blended with the latest tools from NLP you will profoundly understand the depths of human motivation. Armed with this understanding you will radically change your approach when motivating others. You will become certain and sure footed in your use of language and be able to influence others by getting quickly to the heart of any issue.

Module Three: Personal Transformation (2 Days)

During this module you will learn some powerful techniques that enable you to challenge thought processes and behaviours, techniques that you will be able to use to bring about transformation in yourself and others.

You will learn how to challenge limiting beliefs that might be holding you back and unearth those you didn’t even know you had!

You will explore the structure of thought and unpack the effect thought has on your state and well being. You will learn how to develop healthy detachment from your thoughts and feelings allowing you greater freedom in your day to day dealings. And of course, you will become expert at hearing limiting beliefs in others and have a range of tools to challenge those beliefs.

These two days have been described by past delegates as the ‘transformation’ days because this is where we get to the heart of what is holding you back from being more of who you are.


Accreditation options are available: NLP Diploma & Masters Level Post Graduate Certificate.

Get this programme:

If you would like to find out more about this programme, please call 0333 101 4350

Length of Programme:

6 Days
(Delivered in 2 day modules)

What attendees say:

“Truly inspiring, I would thoroughly recommend. The training challenged my own goals and allowed me to critically review my current practices, giving me a balanced outlook. Excellent training team, using engaging and interactive methodology throughout.

The Investment:

- £2495
- If you would like to book this course with accreditation please get in touch