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You cannot hold yourself at a personal distance and still build the environment that will allow you to be an effective coach. Developing a coaching relationship means reaching out and establishing contact with people at a personal level. It means getting to know people and what is important to them. You learn about their aspirations, their dreams, and their families.

A personal connection with your associates is essential in earning the personal influence required to coach. People need to know that you genuinely care about them and that you have their best interests at heart. They want to know that you pay attention to what they do and that you appreciate the effort they make, to make you and your team look good. They also want to know that you support them in attaining their personal and professional goals. This means providing them with feedback on their performance on a regular basis.
This day will focus on what it takes to create a coaching environment, what you have to do and believe in your heart.

It will give you coaching frameworks that tell people you care about what they do and that they can count on frequently hearing from you regarding what you appreciate about their performance, as well as how they can improve.

  • Create a coaching environment in which others feel safe and heard
  • Be deeply curious about what is going on for other people
  • Acknowledge and reward people’s strengths, accomplishments, and development
  • Offer useful feedback and identify people’s needs for development
  • Mentor, give timely coaching, and offer assignments that challenge and grow a person’s skills
  • Learn how to improve their performance
  • Make coaching conversations part of their everyday world
  • Ask penetrating questions when appropriate
  • Give full attention

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