Conflict and Assertiveness

Inspiring Leadership

Conflict and disagreements are inevitable in relationships. Two people can’t possibly have the same needs, opinions, and expectations at all times. However, that needn’t be a bad thing. Resolving conflict in healthy, constructive ways can strengthen trust between people. When conflict isn’t perceived as threatening or punishing, it fosters freedom, creativity, and safety in relationships.

This day will focus on your beliefs about conflict and directly tackle the inner talk that arises when you think about entering into challenging situations. The ability to manage conflicts in a positive, trust-building way is supported by the previous learning, once you know how to manage your state, stay emotionally present and aware, communicate non-verbally, and use humour and play, you’ll be better equipped to handle emotionally charged situations and catch and defuse many issues before they escalate.

People who do not fear conflict tend to;

  • Deal with difficult issues candidly
  • Listen well, seek mutual understanding, and welcome sharing of information fully
  • Foster open communication and stay receptive to bad news as well as good
  • Handle difficult people and tense situations with diplomacy and tact
  • Spot potential conflict, bring disagreements into the open, and help de-escalate
  • Encourage debate and open discussion
  • Orchestrate win-win solutions

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