Presenting with Confidence

Inspiring Leadership

In every moment you are presenting yourself to the world.  The way you present yourself will, without fail, influence people in some way.  Those who bring more of themselves are more often than not great presenters of information, visions, new ideas, new ways of working etc.  Learning to present well will enhance your ability to work effectively with people.  Often people avoid presenting, like the plague, as they have had bad experiences in the past or just hate public speaking.  So even if you never present in your job, today is an invitation to imagine what might be possible if you could present yourself confidently in any situation.  What opportunities might arise?  Who might you be? During the day you will explore how to use your breathing to quell nerves, how to use metaphor to captivate, and how to finally jettison any limiting beliefs you have about your ability to stand up and be heard!

Those who conquer their fear of presenting tend to;

  • Wield effective tactics for persuasion
  • Be skilled at persuasion
  • Fine-tune presentations to appeal to the listener
  • Use complex strategies like indirect influence to build consensus and support
  • Orchestrate dramatic events to effectively make a point

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