Activating Awareness

This powerful foundation module is about mapping the territory of self-awareness through the three aspects of self-awareness, social awareness and cultural awareness. These immersive three days will be an invitation to re-invent yourself by becoming more of who you are and bringing more to the work that you do. The days will be everything that you have come to expect from LTI, experiential, engaging and enlightening!

Those who complete this module will:

  • Be More & Bring more of who they are
  • Be Authentic, Confident, Trustworthy, Innovative, inspiring & Motivating
  • Naturally collaborate & Co-operate
  • Understand & conquer the hidden forces of group dynamics
  • Balance focus on task and individual
  • Share plans and information
  • Promote a friendly, open climate
  • Draw others into active and enthusiastic participation
  • Model Leadership styles that suit their culture
  • Inspire others through presenting a cohesive vision
  • enable others to act in ways that support the culture
  • challenge the process in an integrated, coherent way.
  • Encourage the heart of those around them in a meaningful way.

Day One: Self Awareness

At LTI we passionately believe that you cannot be a positive force in your organisation unless you have first undergone a process of self-awareness, and have discovered who you are and what you believe in. Put simply, only when you have trodden the path of self-awareness yourself can you create and be part of a culture that enables people to act, behave and think differently, and ultimately to contribute their best self.

Self-awareness leads to people with high levels of integrity and congruence, they know what they stand for, have personal credibility and walk the walk. They are confident, clearly communicate and trust and enable others. They will naturally influence others through their personal experience and understanding of what motivates people and collectively they will cultivate a culture of individual worth.

An organisation that values self-awareness gains credibility and respect. It is open to change when necessary, and rewards flexibility, inquisitiveness, and innovation – in short it enables people to contribute their best self!

Day One: Social Awareness

Developing Social Awareness helps you and your people improve day to day working conditions by gaining the ability to recognise and regulate the team’s emotions. This day aims to show how to create an environment of true collaboration and cooperation, by providing powerful insights into what drives team members to work genuinely well together and fulfil their highest potential. Exploring the inner power of core values in making decisions and clarifying choices you will come to realise ways that actively seek out opportunities to fulfil the group’s mission.

You will delve into the hidden forces at work when it comes to collaboration and cooperation, and get to really understand what is involved in working with others toward shared goals. When you have this understanding you will be able to balance a focus on task, with attention to relationships, collaborate, share plans, information and resources and promote a friendly, cooperative climate. Creating group synergy by pursuing collective goals will enable you to model team qualities like respect, helpfulness, and cooperation and draw all members into active and enthusiastic participation.

Day One: Cultural Awareness

This day is about understanding the forces that shape the values and actions of a culture. The day will provide you with the insights to accurately read situations and organisational leadership styles. This day will give you the confidence to lead in your context, whether you are a ‘leader’ or not, by exploring a framework that will bring awareness to your own natural leadership style. Looking through the lens of cultural awareness you will learn how to articulate and arouse enthusiasm for a shared vision and mission, step forward to lead as needed, regardless of position, how to act ethically and beyond reproach and how to build trust through authenticity.


We offer a variety of accreditation options. Those attending the full nine day Art of Leadership programme also have the option of Level 3, 5 & 7 accreditation with CMI.

If you are interested in accreditation please get in touch on 0333 101 4350.

Get this programme:

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Length of Programme:

3 Days

What attendees say:

I can honestly say that Learning to Inspire has changed me at work and home for the better – thank you.

— Ruth Evans, Welsh National Opera

The Investment:

Please get in touch for more information about optional accreditation: 0333 101 4350