Transformational Organisational Development

At Learning to Inspire we find organisational cultures fascinating …

Unique to every organisation, each has their own ‘story’ in which people in the organisation are embedded in the values, rituals and narrative that has been created over time.

They can constantly shift, reacting to internal and external influences, or live in the past –seemingly refusing to respond or change.

Trying to gauge and then intervene in the prevailing culture of an organisation can be a complicated business – the reality is that you are often trying to hit a moving target !

Over the past 15 years we have established a number of approaches to help focus attention on the forces that shape an organisation’s culture and developed a wide range of programmes and initiatives that offer a transformative response to organisational development;

Communicate the vision for a team, department or whole organisation

Tailored to the needs of the organisation, department or team these events are high energy and aim to:
  • Provide clarity on the organisation’s purpose and values
  • Inspire a shared and collective vision for the organisation
  • Develop a shared understanding of the values and how these are displayed in people’s behaviours
  • Establish a collective language for leading and communicating  in the organisation
  • Create a personal and organisational action plan for turning the vision into reality.

One to one coaching and leadership development with Senior Managers

  • We provide Executive Coaching or alternatively we offer a senior management leadership development programme that can be delivered on a one to one (or small group) basis by one of our executive coaches over 6 / 8 sessions. This can be delivered on site or as a retreat experience.

Model the behaviours of ‘a leader in this organisation’

Facilitating and designing an ‘organisation specific’ leadership competency framework/model
  • We will work with you to define your vision and values into a leadership framework that is completely bespoked to your organisation
  • Look at our case study page for the programme we wrote for Wales & West Housing Association that won the Times Top 100 learning and development award in 2015
Modelling Excellence
  • Are there areas of your business, or people within it, who personify the way that you would like others to act?
  • We can work with you to identify areas of outstanding practice and then ‘model’ that from the individuals and teams involved – which means we literally extract the difference that makes the difference – and once you have the ‘model’ you can replicate it – and we can design you a programme to make that happen too !

Diagnosing needs and developing bespoke interventions

  • We will work with you to define the clear vision for your organisational development activities – by reviewing all aspects of your business we will uncover the key challenges your organisation faces moving forward.
  • Once we are clear on where you want to be, and the challenges you face we will design an intervention that will deliver those outcomes.

Developing the ‘measures of success’

  • As we work to understand the changes that you want to make within your organisation we will also develop the key ‘measures for success’
  • These will be a set of clearly defined indicators that we can use to measure the impact of the development activity during and after the initiative.
  • We will work with you to define some baseline benchmarks and decide what data we can use (or put in place) to measure the effect of the development programme – giving you clear information on your return on investment.

Working to embed learning interventions across the organisation

We work hard to ensure that any development activity you undertake results in changes in behaviour back in the workplace. In our experience the line managers of individuals who are participating in development programmes are key to ensuring this happens. We have a range of optional activities that run alongside our programmes to assist line managers to work with programme participants before, during and after the development activity, including :
  • Line manager briefing sessions
  • Regular conference calls with line managers to inform and review the development programme
  • Tri-partite agreements  to set out the roles and responsibilities of each party through the programme
  • Line managers ‘set-up information’ to keep them informed about the programme.
  • On line feedback systems for participants and line managers to measure impact and ROI

One to one coaching

  • Our development programmes can include coaching to maximise the impact of new learning back in the workplace and ensure individuals are able to accelerate their own practice.
  • We can also work with you to develop your organisation’s internal capacity to provide ongoing coaching and mentoring support.

Team Development

  • When we work with organisations on culture development we frequently arrange annual ‘refresher sessions’ to act as an ongoing catalyst for change and reignite the learning and development experience.
  • These sessions help individuals and teams to reconnect and recommit to the culture that you are creating in the context of new and emerging plans, strategies and challenges.

Train the trainer – equipping the organisation to develop their own people

  • Many of the organisations we work with chose to develop ‘champions’ within specific departments to keep their people on track and act as an ongoing stimulus for change.
  • We will work with you to identify the individuals who will take on these roles, develop them and offer ongoing mentoring and support to ensure that the outcomes you commit to achieve stay at the top of the agenda within the organisation - supporting culture change and developing new initiatives.

Dovetailing programmes with Internal content

  • We will work with you to design a holistic development initiative – this means we can fit our programmes alongside other development activity you have planned – or we can work with you to write and develop a range of internal content to fit within the overall development initiative.

Assigning tutors and culture specialist as first point of contact

  • There will be a number of people involved in designing and delivering your programme – your main key contact will be your development consultant who is a specialist in organisational development.
  • They will be your main point of contact – diagnosing the needs of the organisation and then working with you to put together a development initiative to meet your outcomes. They will identify the lead trainer most suited to you and then work alongside them in designing, delivering and evaluating your programme.

Bespoke accreditation

All of our programmes are available with or without accreditation.

We don’t deliver any ‘off the shelf’ programmes, everything that we deliver is designed to meet your specific needs – from a one day intervention to a full culture change programme.

Once we have designed your programme we will then discuss your accreditation options – Learning to Inspire is fully accredited by:

Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)

Chartered Institute of Management (CMI)

The University of Chester

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