this is a call to be brave…

At Learning to Inspire we are inspiring a revolution.

The revolution is a disruptive force that is challenging organisations to recognise self-awareness as the gateway to a culture where people can be more and bring more. It is our purpose to banish cultures that are inauthentic and directionless and that render their people powerless, disengaged, and uneasy. Our revolution is insisting that workplaces be filled with people who are authentic, clear, empowered, courageous and appreciative, and we are here to promote the clear evidence that self-awareness is the gateway to creating such a culture.

Self-awareness leads to people with high levels of integrity and congruence, they know what they stand for, have personal credibility and walk the walk. They are confident, clearly communicate and trust and enable others. They will naturally influence others through their personal experience and understanding of what motivates people and collectively they will cultivate a culture of individual worth.

At the heart of our revolution is the belief that you cannot be a positive force in your organisation unless you have first undergone a process of self-awareness, and have discovered who you are and what you believe in. Put simply only when you have trodden the path of transformation yourself can you create a culture that enables people to act, behave and think differently, and ultimately to be more and bring more.

So…whatever your role in an organisation we invite you to join our revolution and to put self-awareness at the heart of your development activities.

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